Romantic Restaurants in Grece

Romantic Restaurants in Greece

Greece is one of the world’s most popular tourism destinations, and there is no end to the places that visitors that see and explore. Whether travelers are excited about the beaches of the Greek Islands or the culture and architecture of Athens, they won’t be disappointed with a holiday in these amazing creations of nature.

Couples who are searching for romance vacation places often find themselves booking trips to Greece, because it’s hard to find the same incredible cuisine, warm weather, vibrant culture and amazing scenery. Anyone visiting Greece who searching for romantic Valentine’s Day dinner can find it in one of these unique restaurants found throughout Greece.

Ambrosia, Santorini

Couples who choose to spend Valentine’s Day on the island of Santorini will definitely want to make reservations for a table at Ambrosia, which is one of the most romantic restaurants in Greece. Ambrosia is located in the small northern village of Oia, and the views are truly brilliant. From the two romantic balconies, diners will have views of the caldera cliffs, the dormant volcanoes of Santorini and the stunning ocean. Ideally, diners will arrive just before sunset, watch the sun dip below the horizon as they sip an aperitif and then enjoy their meal under the stars. The menu is full of neoclassical interpretations of classic Mediterranean cuisine, and many of the ingredients used are straight from the sea or from the local farms on Santorini.

Le Grand Balcon, Saint George – Athens
When most people think of Greece and Greek culture, what comes to mind is the Acropolis and the incredible historical architecture of Athens. In order to combine delicious cuisine, a romantic atmosphere and the heart of Greek culture in one place this Valentine’s Day, there is nothing better than dining at Le Grand Balcon in the Saint George Lycabettus Hotel. From this outdoor terrace on the sixth floor, diners will have the chance to see the illuminated Acropolis right from their table, a view which is incredibly romantic. Le Grand Balcon is where many of Greece’s wealthiest men propose, and one look around makes it easy to see why.

Brilliant Gourmet Restaurant, Crete
Most of the fine dining restaurants on the island of Crete are found in the capital city of Heraklion, and the Brilliant Gourmet Restaurant is no exception. This upscale eatery is one of the more luxurious places to dine in Greece, and the menu boasts a creative variety of dishes. Couples will love the Art Deco decor, the soft and romantic lighting and the recommended wine pairings for each dish. Billed as a postmodern dining experience, the Brilliant Gourmet Restaurant is a place where celebrities and tourists come to show their loved one just how special they truly are.

Luna Rossa, Kallithea (Italian)
The nondescript exterior of this restaurant, found just a few miles south of Athens in the neighbourhood of Kallithea, doesn’t look like much from the outside. In fact, Luna Rossa is actually the private home of famed Italian chef Danilo Petrini. There are no loud dining rooms in Luna Rossa, and only private spaces are used for guests. Couples who are looking for romance can enjoy their meal in a private room, or they can choose to dine outdoors in a stunning and traditional Athenian garden. There is only one seating per night, which means that guests are encouraged to linger over each course and spend upwards of three hours sipping wine tasting tours with incredible food and admiring one another over candlelight. All of the food is made with seasonal local ingredients, but the preparation style and recipes are entirely Italian.

Each of these incredibly romantic restaurants in Greece would make the perfect setting for couples visiting Venice as well, looking for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner in Venice.

This post was written by Lizzie, who enjoyed traveling across Greece with her boyfriend last summer. When she’s not dreaming of her next luxury holiday to Greece (with her now fiancé!), she can also be found writing at the Elegant Resorts blog.

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