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Mediterranean Vacation: Basking in Italy

Starting from scenic views to fine arts to wine and wonderful cuisines there are numerous reasons for why you should visit Tuscany while traveling in Italy.

Discover the true flavor of Italian art and culture during your stay in Tuscany Villas that offer all modern facilities and topnotch service in a traditional ambiance.

But if you are thinking about turquoise waves breaking on the white-sand shore and the bright sun shining all day long then Sardinia, Italy is the right place for you.

Basking Bluegreen Beach

Being one of the most ancient islands of Europe Sardinia is the home to several Neolithic structures, which have earned it the status of World Heritage Site. Swim in the crystal clear waters; explore the colorful world of fish and corals under the sea and take a pleasant walk along the quaint streets of its Catalan towns in the evenings. Holidaying in Sardinia will keep you busy all through the day.

From two-star accommodations to luxurious sea-side resorts Sardinia Hotels are ready to offer all standard and premium facilities.

Once you complete your tour of Sardinia take a flight to Sicily. Known for its rich folk art and culture and unique baroque architecture Sicily lies to the west of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea. The island’s sprawling beaches and steep mountains have been inspiration for poets and artists throughout the ages.

In addition to romantic views from the bedrooms you are sure to experience the rich tradition of culinary art at the Hotels Sicily. While most of the upscale hotels are located around popular Butera, Campo Felice di Roccella and Cefalu beaches you will find some of the five-star hotels in the historic town of Messina.

For general sight-seeing you can visit any time of the year as it Italy enjoys Mediterranean weather. But for the adventurous slot the period from late January to early February is the best time to enjoy skiing on Mount Etna.