Holidays In Caribbean Islands

Take a Luxury Vacation in The Caribbean

It has become cliché; so many people work themselves to the bone and get impeccably tired, dreaming of themselves relaxing by the beach with a cool drink in hand. The truth is, this can happen –and it isn’t that impossible to save up for a luxury vacation in the Caribbean. Rates vary depending on what time of the year you go, so there really is no excuse for not giving yourself that much-needed break. The question remains – why pick the Caribbean?

Cruises, All-Inclusive Deals, and Proximity

Compared to other Asian beach destinations, luxury vacations in Caribbean are the closest and best bet you’ll get to a getaway with such pristine shores and perfect tropical weather. Depending on where you live in the U.S. and which island in the Caribbean you plan to visit, you can be off to some of the most highly recommended beaches in the world for some rest and relaxation in at least 35 minutes to 7 hours.

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Then, there are all-inclusive packages and resorts that take care of everything for you. That way, you don’t have to think about what to do, eat, or where to stay. The package that you sign up for and pay per person does all of that for you – and there are so many of these that have varying rates for your budget, and differentiate from island to island. The cheapest resorts so far are Puerto Plata, in the Dominican Republic, followed by Cozumel in Mexico. There are also luxury class all-inclusive resorts, such as Amanyara in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Cruises are another option – and a great one at that, because taking one allows you to see the different islands (even if just for a while), and give you a taste of each of their cultures and histories. Some of these cruises leave the U.S. and come back to the same area, making it extra convenient for you. You can even take a cruise just for singles to meet and mingle with other people, or go on one for families for a supposedly more wholesome and educational trip. As long as you have a passport and the requirements to visit these countries (the cruise should help you out on that), you’re set to go.

You Deserve an Escape

Everyone deserves a break from their daily grind. In the Caribbean, you really can’t go wrong, because they have almost everything you could want to include in a vacation. Want a quiet night in a beautiful hotel? No problem – almost all the islands have top notch hospitality services. They also cater to the more adventurous types who would prefer sleeping on a hammock for a little more than a dollar per night. You can find those in Colombia!

Want to do extreme sports and water-related activities? Cuba’s got you covered. The pretty festivals in Trinidad and Tobago are alsoremarkable events, featuring tributes to music genres such as reggae, Jazz, and more traditional and spiritual festivals such as Id-Ul-Fitr. Put simply, a trip to any Caribbean island you choose would be a welcome change of scene compared to the cubicle you sit in at work, from 9 to 5 am, Mondays ‘til Fridays. Does that trip sound appealing already?

Have A Food Trip Like No Other

Food from the Caribbean does not fit any category except delicious – because the Caribbean is made up of so many islands which have their own stories, there isn’t any dish that summarizes the palate of the collective islands. They do, however, have common ingredients in their dishes, such as bananas, beans, rice, cilantro, sweet potatoes, and coconut. Not all Jamaican food is spicy, but there are some dishes that you must try if ever you get the chance to.

Aside from the usual freshly grilled seafood, goat water,conch, escargot, and arroz con pollo are great options in the Caribbean menu. One thing’s for sure – you’ll never want to stay hungry while you’re around these islands.

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Its Beaches Are Divine

Natural luxury is literally everywhere in many Caribbean beaches; from Los Roques in Venezuela, the Frenchman’s Cove in Jamaica, Abaka Bay Beach in Haiti, to Eagle Beach in Aruba, the choices that you can sift through to bask in the sun are almost endless. Their pure white sands and almost eternally sunny climate will leave you wishing you could live there forever.

You Can Learn Something New

The Caribbean is teeming full of different adventures that can you can try, from ziplining, rainforest trekking, horseback riding, visiting caves, to seeing bioluminescence live (usually happens in San Juan), there’s always something new to experience and see in these islands. You can even go around the different islands using a speedboat, maneuvering your way around the Caribbean yourself. For those who aren’t as into the adrenaline rush, you can take a nice, private tour of the city, or hire someone to give you exclusive Caribbean cooking classes. There’s even a tropical fruit tasting tour that can help familiarize you with the different exotic produce of the island.

Explore Different Cultures Near Each Other

Travelling is an eye-opening experience, and being exposed to the different ways of living, seeing that there’s so much more to life than what you’re used to, is a humbling practice. From something as small as the differences in accents of the locals, to something as large as their history with colonialism and how it shaped them as different countries, it speaks of events and ideas outside your comfort zone of home, and the norm you’d usually be so used to.

Much of the culture of the Caribbean has hints of its Amerindian, African, Asian, roots, with a bit of European influence; as they say, the Caribbean is made up of many settler nations. It is often teased as being a “collector” of these nations, so their traditions and customs are incredibly intermingled, yet different.

All In Total Luxury

You can experience all these things still in the comfortable lap of luxury, be it from a cruise, an expensive resort, or your very own personalized itinerary. Don’t forget to treat yourself occasionally. A luxurious vacation at the Caribbean should do just the trick.