Vacation Apartments Buenos Aires

Benefits of renting Holiday apartments in Buenos Aires

The Buenos Aires apartments are fully furnished, for tourism or temporary, has a number of advantages compared to a hotel. On this occasion we will refer about the benefits obtained by the salesman when you rent an apartment in Buenos Aires. First, we note that through the rental of apartments in Buenos Aires earns, in space, this is because any department, however tiny it is more spacious than a hotel room. It also has a kitchen, usually equipped with microwave, refrigerator, cooking utensils, dishes, etc.., which allows the tourist to waive the room service in hotels. Also, we recognize the advantage of the fact that Buenos Aires has a wide range of cuisine, which includes restaurants and eating houses that provide the service or delivery is delivery at reasonable prices, something that can not be accessed by housed in a hotel. In addition, renting apartments in Buenos Aires is possible to gain in intimacy as the hotel, of course, is a public place in which the phone is connected directly with a central and maids and janitors are part of daily routine.

In this way, people who seek to preserve their privacy during their stay receive an additional benefit by hiring a temporary rental. The economic issue is an important benefit to consider when rent a holiday apartment in Buenos Aires. The stay for five or more days is much cheaper if you rent an apartment instead of temporary stay in a hotel. For example, a hotel room has an average cost of $ 40 per day, while a studio apartment worth about $ 150 a week. This example applies to the case involved only one person, hotel prices increase when the number of travelers is higher. This is not to discredit the hotel offer, only tries to show why the demand for temporary apartments is increasing.