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Winery Region Tours To Take In Australia

Australia has a sterling reputation around the world for its fine wines.  Baked in sunshine for much of the year, with just the right amount of rainfall, their vineyards produce innumerable barrels of vino that critics rave endlessly about.

As a wine connoisseur, this massive country should be an unquestionable entry on your travel bucket list.  This nation however, occupies a land area so vast that it is classified as a continent.  So, where you do venture first?  Will you choose one winery region to visit, thereby missing a much better experience somewhere else, many hundreds of kilometers away?

The list below aims to help you choose the best winery regions in Australia to visit according to your tastes, so that your trip to this sun and fun loving country is a fruitful and productive one.

1) Margaret River, West Australia – Margaret River, located in the far southwestern corner of one of the most remote regions in the developed world, is an easy area to overlook on your spiked grape tour of Australia, as most trips focus on the heavily populated East Coast of the country.  Even within West Australia, Margaret River still quite secluded, as it takes a drive of 170 miles from Perth to arrive in this sleepy town.

The windswept coast nearby creates an environment that makes for Rieslings, Chardonnays and Cabernet that have an intriguing flavor profile to them.  In between visits to area wineries, take to the rolling surf just outside Margret River for a fun ride in the Indian Ocean, or watch the more seasoned surfers tackle the waves far better then you ever could.

2) McLaren Vale, South Australia – Another wine region fronting the seemingly infinite coastline of Australia, McLaren Vale benefits from rolling hills that reduce the impact of winds blowing northward from Antarctica, while the arid air masses radiating from the Great Red Centre combine with the oceanic influence to create wine that is best described as crisp and gentle.  The culinary parings available from rurally influenced pubs and restaurants give a rustic feel to the place, with the regions wines bringing balance to your meal, in an experience you are unlikely to forget anytime soon!

3) Yarra Valley, Victoria – If the overwhelming pretension that comes with the wine scene is a turn-off to you, and you just want to enjoy a refreshing glass of wine in the company of good friends, then the vineyards of the Yarra Valley in the Australian state of Victoria is a place you should check out.  Giant Steps, located just outside of Melbourne, is one such establishment that emphasizes this ethos.  While they do make and sell excellent Chardonnay, the place has the feel of a busy coffeehouse, with pastries, amazing dark roast, and plenty of intriguing conversations on offer at all times of the day.

This is just a sample of the many viticultural surprises that await you upon your arrival in Australia.  Choose a region based on your interests, or just show up somewhere randomly.  Whatever you decide to do, you will surely have a memorable wine holiday down under.