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Romantic Restaurants In Venice For Valentine’s Day

One of the most romantic restaurants in Venice has to the be The Caravella. The dining room only seats 75 people tops, so the atmosphere is relatively quiet and intimate. If you wish to spend Valentine’s Day here, do make your reservations well in advance. This is a popular place to go. The menu reflects the regional fresh seafood, especially sardines. Spider crab with lemon sauce is one of the favorites among patrons. Located behind La Fernice Theater, you will find yourself right in the heart of Venice.

Ristorante Sabrina is another fine choice. It is near the Rialto Bridge, a wonderful place for a romantic walk after your meal. Perhaps a perfect spot for a wedding proposal for those of you who are taken in by the romance of the holiday? Finish your meal with some of the impeccable Tiramasu and end the night with perfection.

Osteria Oliva Nera is considered by many people to be the premier place in Venice to enjoy a romantic meal, or any meal for that matter. No article on Venetian restaurants is going to be complete without mention of this fine dining establishment. Not far from the Plaza San Marco, this is easy to find and will satisfy any desire for seafood that you could possibly even day dream about. The mixed sample platter will offer you 8 different seafood choices alone.

Cafe Quadri has changed hands in recent years and has been upgraded in many ways. This is the only fine dining establishment in St Mark’s Square. Again, this makes for good accessibility but for Valentine’s Day, you should make reservations well in advance. Located upstairs, it is perhaps not the best choice for those who do not wish to climb any stairs. The cappuccino will simply knock your socks off though and is worth the jaunt upstairs.

Ostaria Ai 4 Feri is another wonderful eatery that specializes in pastas, mussels and clams. Try one of the amazing pasta dishes and imagine yourself in the Disney version of Lady and the Tramp, with the romantic sharing of pasta at the table. Not only is the ambiance wonderful for a romantic meal, but the price tag is also extremely reasonable.

Italy is a country for love, the restaurants almost all reflect this. The fact is that you can choose most any eatery in the country and find yourself neck-deep in romance. With some of the world’s best wines, pastas, fresh seafoods and vegetables, your meals will be guaranteed fresh and amazing.

Romantic Restaurant, Venice Italy

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