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5 Fun Festivals In Europe

There are several festivals that happen around the year all across Europe. Some are dedicated music festivals while others are classified as seasonal festivals such as the ones in spring, summer and winter. Many people look for another classification, the fun festivals in Europe. So here are the top 5 fun festivals in Europe.

Oktoberfest, Germany

The Germans sure know how to have fun. One would really have a hard time trying to rank whether the Oktoberfest or the Hurricane would be more popular. While both are fun festivals but Oktoberfest happens to suit the young and the young at heart. Drink your heart out but more than the beer, it is the ambience and the camaraderie of the people that highlights the success of this festival.

Running With The Bulls, Spain

This is not for the weak hearted, that is if you do not wish to be right at the front and choose to jump on the sideways the moment the bulls start running from half a mile away. Running with the bulls is an extreme sport and most people who look for adrenaline highs would love this festival in Spain. Held annually, you can easily find some decent accommodation around the site or choose to camp.

La Tomatina, Spain

Imagine what happens when a town comes together to a food fight and start throwing more than a hundred tons of tomatoes at each other. It is the largest food fight in the world, a time when the town and every local and tourist are painted red with squashed tomatoes. Water cannons, songs, parade and cooking contests mark La Tomatina festival over a few days at the end of August every year.

Venice Carnival, Italy

Many wonder where the original masquerade party was first held. The Venice Carnival might not be an answer to that but when everyone comes out on the street to dance, sing, participate in masks and costumes contest in this romantic city then it would have to be a treat to cherish. The Venice Carnival can be a little expensive for some so check out affordable packages.

Holidays In Venice - Carnivals

Volvo Snowbombing, Austria

Fun festivals can be filled with music or can be a part of family vacation adventure places or a romantic vacation on a couple’s skiing holiday. With Volvo Snowbombing you get more than what you sign up for. A weeklong festival of music, skiing, snowbombing and road trips fill the Austria winter calendar with lots of entertainment. 

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