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Visiting Ljubljana – Lovely Capital of Slovenia

Ljubljana is a capital city of Slovenia with 280,000 inhabitants. It is also the biggest city in the country but from world perspective it is only a mid-sized city. Ljubljana is located in Ljubljana basin, surrounded by Ljubljansko Barje, Ljubljansko polje, Kranjsko polje…

The location is very important for the city because it has strategically position on the cross of main road and railway routes in the region. Transport was also the main reason for Romans to establish an settlement in the area where Ljubljana is located today. Romans have called it Emona.

Ljubljana is very important as a stop for long-distance travelers and there are many Ljubljana hotels which can offer accommodation for reasonable prices.

Slovenia Vacation – Ljubljana Attractions

With long and dynamic history Ljubljana is very attractive for history enthusiasts and  as a center of economy in Slovenia also for businessmen looking for a new opportunities to invest they money and find new deals.

If you like to play golf you can do it on Trnovo golf course, where you do not need license to play, or on any other world famous courses located near Ljubljana such as Lipica and Bled.

The main sights in Ljubljana are Tromostovje, famous triple bridge, Zmajski most, bridge ‘protected’ from 4 stone dragons, Prešeren square, the biggest square in city dedicated to Slovenian biggest poet, Ljubljanski grad, a castle located on the hill in the center of the city, Stožice, brand new modern stadium with sports hall and park Tivoli, the biggest park in city.