Holidays In Cyprus

Best Resort Towns in Cyprus

When looking for a beach getaway or a historical vacation, many vacationers travel to the usual destinations such as Florida, California, Jamaica, The Bahamas, Hawaii, and the east shore cities such as Ocean City, Maryland and Atlantic City, New Jersey. Why not try to find a more unique destination with exotic beaches and breathtaking historical sights? Cyprus has some of the most beautiful beaches and amazing sightseeing opportunities. Finding the best resorts on Cyprus for your vacation will only make your overseas journey more relaxing and more pleasant.

Paphos has always been considered to be a strange mixture of worlds. It is divided in half and is comprised of Kato Paphos and Ktima (lower Paphos and upper Paphos). Kato Paphos is more developed than Ktima. The crowds are large, great music is plentiful, and the amount of luxury hotels and bars is astounding. If you are looking for historical sights and amazing architecture Paphos is the place to be. While Kato provides a more modern archaeological experience, Ktima provides its visitors with breathtaking colonial architecture and traditional cuisine to enjoy. There is less chaos and it is more relaxed and laid back.

Pissouri is primarily known for its fishing village. Recently though, this gorgeous fishing village has been turned into a resort. The region is surrounded by vineyards and olive groves and its modernized town offers beautiful resort villas that can be rented along the beach or further up the hill where you will have a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean coastline. Unlike other regions of Cyprus, Pissouri offers a relaxed, quiet alternative to the urban lifestyle of its capital city. All over this region you will find an amazing blend of culture as half of the residents are Cyprus natives and the other half are vacationers from all over the world.

Kyrenia is known for its beautiful stone harbor that is always filled with gorgeous sailboats. The towering massive Kyrenia castle overlooks the harbor creating a true picturesque scene. During the summer time, this town is overrun by visitors. During late summer through late spring you will be able to enjoy everything Kyrenia has to offer and experience the endearing charm of this small modern island.

There are many more areas of this tiny island country that are considered the best resorts on Cyprus. If you are going for the amazing views, the history, the culture, and the food along with some time on the beaches, these three towns are the best places to spend your vacation.