Muslim Friendly Tourist Destinations Around The World

Even though all people around the world should live free of any kind of cultural judgement, sometimes we fall into uncertainties while traveling the world for vacation.

You deeply believe in Islam and its core tenets, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.  However, you yearn to travel just as much as your non-Muslim peers, and with so many beautiful vistas, historical monuments, and friendly people around the globe, who can blame you?

This matter is complicated though by the requirements of your faith, which dictates a way of being that mandates certain activities like prayers five times per day, and contraindicates certain other actions, including the consumption of pork.

You’re afraid that if you go traveling to a place far away from the comfort zone that you have known your whole life, you may find yourself in a situation where it may be exceedingly difficult to meet your obligations as a Muslim, or you might find yourself amongst people that are hostile towards you simply due to your religious beliefs.

While the world isn’t as scary or as hard to adapt to as you might think it is, it is helpful to get started on an enthusiastic lifestyle of travel by going to places first that can easily cater to your way of life.  In that vein, here are three Muslim friendly tourist destinations around the world that will get you off the couch and headed toward a destination markedly different from what you know at home.

1) Morocco

An easy first destination for those residing in Europe would be the North African country of Morocco. With idyllic Mediterranean getaways, intensely chaotic souks, and an immensely inspiring mountain range containing the highest mountains north of the Sahara, there is so shortage of things to see or do here.  98% of the population adheres to the words of the Prophet, so finding halal meals, prayer rooms, or a mosque to worship in for weekly prayers should pose no problem here!

2) Malaysia

Starved for sun during this miserable, cold winter that we are all suffering through presently?  If so, Malaysia is an excellent option, as more than 50% of the population consider Islam to be their faith.  They live primarily in peace with their Buddhist and Hindu counterparts here, with plenty of signs indicating restaurants that serve halal friendly food, and more importantly, those that do NOT.

Many quiet beaches can be found on the eastern coast where the majority of the Muslim population resides, and because of Malaysia’s multicultural history, the cultures have mixed their cuisine in a way that produces a taste sensation that you will remembering well after your time in this friendly South East Asian nation!

3) Bosnia and Herezgovina

Looking to experience a taste of Central/Eastern Europe, but afraid that the culture, primarily perceived to be mostly Christian, may not have the proper accommodations to cater to your needs? While many countries are aware of these requirements these days, a good entry into this region would be Bonsia and Herezgovina.  What?  That country that was torn apart by civil war??  Never fear, as this country has healed a considerable amount since those bad, old days, and a full 50% of the populace here identifies as Muslim, with halal friendly dishes like Cevapi and Burek being must-tries. A ski culture that that is uncrowded and surprisingly amazing awaits intrepid visitors … after all, you may recall that a certain city by the name of Sarajevo hosted the 1984 Olympics!

The world is not as scary as you think

Even though the list of welcoming countries for Muslim vacation travelers can go on and on, there is no reason to list them all here. Don’t let other people’s actions label you and leave the judgemental mind about the free world at home. You’re on vacation and you’re about open yourself to see the world as it is and accept it for what it is. With a little research, and a bit more courage, anybody of Islamic faith can travel the world without having to violate key tenets of their religion.  If you want to take baby steps into the wider world beyond your doorstep though, we hope that the above suggestions will get your feet wet in a reassuring environment!