Best Places For Vacation With Kids

Great European Holiday Destinations for Kids

Whether you are seeking sunshine, adventure, or historical attractions, Europe is filled to the brim with holiday destinations for kids. When choosing your European holiday destination, you will find that you are spoiled for choice.

Theme Park Lovers

Any theme park loving family will enjoy a brief stay at Disneyland Paris. With parades that continue around the year and a theme park based on Disney’s most magical tales, it is perfect for any member of the family. If you enjoy France, but would like to move a little further south, visit Frejus and make the most of Luna Park. Luna Park itself features rides for thrill seekers, like the G Force Booster and Magic Mountain, as well as classics, like the Ferris Wheel. If you would rather visit a European holiday destination with an awesome water park, try Lido de Jesolo in Italy. Its Aqualand Italia has been voted as the best water park in Europe several years running, and is situated in one of Italy’s most family-friendly areas.



Beach Fans Families with Kids

If your idea of the perfect family holiday is relaxing by the beach, there are several European holiday destinations that will meet your needs. In Portugal, Estaril and Cascais are home to Portugal’s calmest and most beautiful waters. The area is perfectly complimented by a range of upmarket hotels, as well as several casinos. Those who want an authentically Greek experience should pay a visit to Kefalonia. As one of Greece’s most untouched islands, it is perfect for beach loving families who want to escape European tourist traps.


History Lovers

While the southern portion of Europe is perfect for those who love beaches and theme parks, the northern half is ideal for history fanatics. A visit to Prague will allow you to take a holiday on a budget, while making the most of the Gothic squares and buildings, as well as structures that date back to the Middle Ages. Fans of the Renaissance and revolutionary periods could pay a visit to Austria, which is home to some of Europe’s finest buildings and castles. Both countries are exceedingly child-friendly, and therefore are perfect for families of all ages.


US Holiday Destinations for Kids

As one of the most varied countries on earth, the United States offers plenty of opportunities for family members of all ages to enjoy themselves. Whether you are enticed by the magic of Disney, or drawn to the bright lights of Broadway, your family’s visit to the US will leave many lasting memories.

The East Coast

The East Coast of the US is most well-known for its key Broadway and shopping destination: New York. While it is a busy urban metropolis, New York is still a great holiday destination for kids. Staying in city center accommodation will allow you to make the most of features like interconnecting rooms, and it will also place you perfectly for New York’s fantastic transport links. Families who want to enjoy northern US charm should head to Boston; with free entry to the Harvard Art Museum for Kids, John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum and Library, and many other historical destinations, it is also perfect for those who are on a budget. If you want to make the most of the East Coast, but with more sunshine, try Florida. Every child loves the thought of Disneyworld, and with Orlando being packed with other exciting theme parks, zoos, and aquariums, every moment will be thrilling.


The West Coast

Any visitor to the West Coast of America should not pass up on the opportunity to explore California. Not only does San Francisco offer a wide variety of city center accommodation, its outer regions are filled with campsites that make for the perfect camping adventure. You can capture the imaginations of your children by taking them for a visit to Alcatraz–America’s most notorious former prison. The Venetian Carousel is also a hit with family members of all ages. If you want to head away from the tourist regions of the US’s west coast, make your way to the Southern California area of Newport Beach. As well as offering some of the safest beaches, it is home to a pier, and the Balboa Fun Zone.

If neither the west or east coast of the US appeal to you, do not be afraid to explore America’s deep south with your children. The cities of Houston and Dallas will be a hit with cowboys and cowgirls, and you can experience a side of America that is often not found on the tourist trail. No matter where you venture, your holiday will certainly be one to remember.


The World’s Greatest Theme Parks

Whether you are seeking magic, adventure, or something in between, you can rest assured that your wildest dreams will be met when you visit one of the world’s greatest theme parks. From the USA, to Japan, the world is filled with theme parks that can provide endless forms of entertainment.

Cedar Point in Ohio

After being consistently voted as the best theme park in the world several years running, Cedar Point in Ohio has become popular with families from every continent. The roller coasters at Cedar Point have been dubbed as some of the world’s most thrilling, with many reaching stupendous heights and taking daring twists. As an inclusive park, Cedar Point also has rides and areas that cater specifically to children; these include bumper boats, racing tracks, and a snoopy themed bouncer.


Alton Towers, United Kingdom

While Alton Towers can only open its main theme park doors between March and November, the rides and attractions available make it one of the world’s most well-loved theme parks. Unlike many other theme parks, Alton Towers places special emphasis on including laughter inducing rides alongside thrill themed ones. Anybody who heads for the Cedar River Rapids will not be able to avoid getting soaked, and a journey through Hex–its legendary ghost train–is sure to cause laughter and fright at the same time. Several hotels and a water park are also on site, making it convenient for those who visit there.


Fuji Q Highland, Japan

Situated in Fujiyoshida, Fuji Q Highland is well known for its exceedingly terrifying haunted house, and quirky take on classic theme park rides. Despite its reputation for thrills and chills, Fuji Q Highland is also particularly well-suited to younger members of the family. It features Thomas Land, which allows children and adults alike to explore a world of wonder based on a childhood classic. Hide and Seek in the Forest is also available, and will provide hours of fun for children with a mischievous sense of adventure.
In addition to the above theme parks, many countries across the world offer their own exciting versions. Whether you are on the Southern Coast of France, or staying at home in Britain, you will be sure to find one that can keep you entertained.


Flat Sharing: a Family Friendly Way to Travel

If you’re planning a break away with your family, but are worried about finding suitable, family friendly accommodation where the kids don’t have to tiptoe around and feel restricted, then you should consider flat sharing. This is a great way to ensure that your family has its own privacy and freedom whilst on holiday, thus ensuring a stress free and enjoyable time away for all.

Enjoy flexibility and freedom when away

Staying in a private accommodation setting with your family has many benefits over hotel accommodation. Many holiday flats and houses are designed for families like your own, which is why they make such a great choice when it comes to family friendly accommodation. They are often set in open locations with big gardens, meaning that your kids can run free and release all their energy without disturbing other guests. Although you may choose to eat out in the local area, sharing a property with your family usually means that the option for self-catering is there. This is great news when it comes to budgeting on food and having the flexibility to eat when you choose, not when a hotel tells you to.

Sharing for a stress free and fun packed holiday

Sharing a property also means that if you want to put the kids to bed upstairs and then enjoy a peaceful evening downstairs you can, just like at home. In a hotel setting however, you may find yourself in a family room and not wanting to leave the children asleep alone while you go out, for fear of security issues.

Most private family friendly accommodation, also allows for you to have visitors. Perhaps a member of your extended family or a friend wants to join you for some of your holiday; well when you have your own place, there is always room for one more, saving everyone pennies and adding to the fun!

So wherever and whenever you are planning your next family holiday, don’t rule out the possibility of flat sharing. Not only will you save money, be able to relax in freedom and have the flexibility to choose your own schedule, but the kids will have the time of their lives too, making it a memorable and family friendly experience for all.

Disneyland for Children and Parents

Situated in the sunny state of California, Disneyland is one of the most magical theme parks in America. With rides for family members of all ages, and multiple opportunities for parents to relax, it is the ideal holiday destination for those who want to be constantly entertained.

Disneyland Rides and Attractions

Disney in California is made of two primary parks: Disneyland Park, and Disney California Adventure. Those who choose to visit the Disneyland Park will enter into Main Street USA, where they can indulge in delicious sweets and learn about American history. The park is then subdivided into further magical lands, including Fantasyland, where you can fly over London with Peter Pan. Disney California Adventure will allow you to experience some of the adventures that have been featured in your favourite Disney films. From modern hits like Cars, to nineties classics like Aladdin, you will feel as though you are re-living every moment of well-loved films.


Fun for Parents

Once you have exhausted yourself in the two theme parks, you may want to find time to relax. The Downtown Disney District is filled with bars and shops, where you can grab a quick drink and relax, or purchase Disney memorabilia. The downtown area also features live outdoor entertainment and a movie theatre. This makes it perfect for families that want to take a relaxing stroll in the evening, without missing out on any of the Disney fun. If you have the opportunity to grab a babysitter, you could make the most of the Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen. If carrying on the magic into the night appeals to you, catch one of the parades or view a firework show, before heading back to your hotel.

Staying at a Disneyland Hotel

The best way to make the most of the Disney magic is to stay in an official hotel. Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa features three pools, four dining locations, and the chance to have breakfast with your children’s favourite Disney Characters. All hotels affiliated with the parks come with convenient entry, making your experience that much more enjoyable. No matter where you choose to stay, you can rest assured that your Disney experience will be enjoyable for all.

Renting London Apartments

Common facilities available with the Serviced Apartments in London

Service apartments are cost effective shelters in London. Everybody cannot afford expensive luxury hotels. But there is nothing to be depressed; London serviced apartments offer world class facilities to their boarders.

Before choosing short term rental apartments, make sure that the basic facilities are available there. Here is a list that helps you judge the quality of a serviced apartment.

1. Daily apartment cleaning: There must be house cleaning service to help you keep the living room, kitchen and bath clean. Most serviced apartments offer cleaning service as a part of the accommodation package.

2. Modern kitchen: Since you will be preparing your own meal, the kitchen must be equipped with all modern facilities. Microwave oven, heater, utensils, knife, crusher and exhaust system must be there.

3. Iron board: You will be staying there for a short period; it’s not a ’2 days 1 night’ stay. If you do not avail laundry service, you will need to clean your garments yourself. Make sure the apartment has iron and iron board.

4. Washing machine and Cable TV: These are some basic requirements. Life without Cable TV is similar to living in an island without any external connection. And washing machine is another essential thing we need.

5. Car parking: There must be paid or free car parking facility. Otherwise you will have a tough time to find a safe and secured shelter for your car.

6. Telephone: Though we are living in the ‘cell phone age’, a dot phone is still essential. Make sure the apartment owner provides direct telephone line to your room. You may need to pay for calls that you make from this phone separately.

7. Airport pickup: If you are new to the city, airport pick up would really be a great assistance. Enquire if the service apartment provider has airport collection facilities, paid or free.

8. Welcome kit: A reputed self catering apartment service provider would help their clients with a welcome grocery pack. That is very essential. It might be difficult for you to go to the market and buy vegetables and grocery for the first meal. The welcome kit generally contains all that you need to prepare a meal in right quantity on per head basis.

Book online apartments in London with this list of facilities ready in your hand. Make sure your apartment offers all of these basic facilities.

Holiday House Rental

Vacation Rentals – Key to a fun-filled vacation

Are you planning for a vacation? Spring days are knocking at the door; after such a long and cold winter, everything is going to be colorful once again. This is the right time to backpack and set out for the unknown.

But we have got habituated with a comfortable and secured life; nomadic lifestyle is not for us. Except few crazy travelers, we cannot set out for the unknown without any knowledge about where to stay and how to come back.

Hence, the most important thing that you need to finalize before reaching your vacation destination is the shelter. Find a comfortable and well-connected accommodation to make your holidays more enjoyable. It may not be possible to stay at an elite hotel; see if you can find some vacation rental homes, cabins, condos or villas at your vacation destination.

Vacation rental properties are like your own home; comfortable and homely atmosphere make you feel good even when you are miles away from your sweet home.

How to find vacation rental properties:

Run a web search for vacation rental cabins or apartments in your destination city. There are web directories of vacation rental homes. You can browse these directories to find a suitable vacation home. Look for an accommodation suitable for your requirements. If you will be traveling with kids, book a vacation home that has children’s park to keep them busy. If you have pets then reserve a pet friendly vacation home.

Vacation rental in London

Self catering service apartments in London

Are you looking for an accommodation that would make your stay in London really enjoyable and fun-filled? Do not waste time and money by calling travel agents; go online and look for apartments in or around your preferred location in London. Rest assured that you will find plenty of websites that offer apartment booking service and assistance online; hence you would definitely be able to get a comfortable shelter in London.

To start off, gather as much information as you can about London apartments. Compare rates of the apartments to find out an accommodation within your budget. Decide whether you need a luxurious penthouse, 1 bed room apartment, studio apartment or service apartment in London. Ask yourself whether a 2 bed room apartment is essential or a 1 bed room service apartment with 2 sleeps will serve your purpose.

Service apartments or self catering apartments are not the only option available in London. Luxury hotels and short break accommodations are also there. You need to decide which one will better fit your requirements. If you are visiting London with family and have plans to stay here for few days, service apartments with weekly rental plan would be good. On the other hand, when you are on a business trip and you do not have much time in hand to prepare food, staying in hotels seems the right option.

However, if you are a foodie and love to prepare your own food, you must stay in service apartments. A service apartment is a hotel with a flavor of home. They come with separate kitchen equipped with all modern facilities. Hence, you can prepare your meals yourself; it will bring you some savings as well.

You should book online apartments in London before your arrival date. Look at the interior pictures of the apartments before booking and ask about the facilities in details. Deal with reputed service apartments providers to avoid any kind of disappointment.

European Vacations

Explore the Artistically Most Beautiful Continent in the World

For some people, adventure runs in their blood. They love visiting new places, and doing novel and exciting activities in the countries they travel to. So, the next question is, what’s the best place to explore for people who love learning more about the world around them? While other continents have their own specialties and uniqueness about them, in its own way, you’ve got to admit that Europe is the most beautiful continent in the world.

Rich History and Culture

Both western and eastern Europe have histories and cultures that have made many contributions to mankind. Whether it comes to architecture, art, food, music, or literature, Europe is chock full of it. All you need to do is pick which countries you find the most appealing to yourself, create a route and itinerary around visiting these countries (up to your taste and budget), then go for it! If you’re into the history and stories behind World War II, for example, you may want to visit the Auschwitz concentration camp and witness the actual place where needless violence occurred so long ago. For something a little more lighthearted but still saturated with lessons from history, you can visit The Louvre in Paris, or the Museo Nacional Del Prado in Madrid! It doesn’t end there. Castles, old houses, tunnels, chapels, and churches riddle the entire of this continent, giving you a never ending source of fascination.


Unparalleled Sights, Experiences, and Food

Aside from the immense amount of narratives that Europe has to tell, it also has beautiful scenery, activities, and experiences to offer. Examples? If you’re into mountain climbing, there’s the beautifully snowy Mont Blanc that sits between France and Italy ripe for a visit. Prefer the party scene? You’d want to check out Ibiza in Spain – there is no other place like it in the world! Ride a bike along the breezy streets of Amsterdam, or have the best Gelato in the world in Venice. Each country in Europe has a completely different feel to it, with traditions melding with each other and sometimes completely opposing each other. What’s amazing about Europe is that it has different kinds of climates; you have the cold and gloomy United Kingdom, neighboring sunny Spain. Then there’s also bustling metropolitan cities such as Moscow; a stark contrast to the quaint city of Finland’s Helsinki. The diversity is endless, and if you’re in Europe, you should take advantage of this.

Affordable and Safe To Explore

It’s also good to note that Europe is an incredibly safe place to explore. To be honest, there are a few thieves that are known to pick on tourists in densely populated spots, but the situation of loss is entirely avoidable by being cautious with your valuables. You can rest assured that chances of harm or danger are considerably lower than many other countries that currently experience higher rates of violence.

Easily Interconnected, Cheap Flights

Currently, there is no reason to look away from your dream of travelling around this gorgeous continent. All it takes is a little research to find out how much it would cost (you can go on a budget!) and finding a saving habit that’s comfortable for you, and can help you attain your goal. It also helps to know there are low cost European flights available on the net for whenever you’re ready!

UK Airport parking – Quick Tips

Booking airport car parking online has become big business but before you book with the first airport parking provider who has paid the most to sit top of the sponsored listings, spend some time researching the company you are trusting to take care of your pride and joy. Make sure you are booking with a reputable provider and that you know where your car is going to be parked and what security is in place for the protection of your vehicle.

Parking Options

On Airport Parking

Parking on the airport is a popular choice among travellers as this is a very convenient form of parking it is more expensive but you don’t have to worry about any complicated transfers to and from the airport, simply arrive park and go straight to check inn.

Off Airport Parking

If your looking to save money on airport parking then this is the most cost effective form, by using a car park situated off the airport you can make a considerable saving with most car parks providing free transfers to and from the airport.

Meet And Greet Parking

This is the premium option for parking at the airport, when you arrive at the terminal you will be met by a member of staff who will take your car and park it for you then on your return your car will be waiting outside the terminal for you so you can drive straight home.

Airport Hotel Parking

If you are always rushing to get to the airport on time or would like to see the sights of London for example then booking an airport hotel with parking would be the option for you, simply arrive at the hotel, stay the night then you are transferred to the airport on the morning of your flight, some hotels require you to drive to an off airport car park first where you are then transferred to the hotel then on to the airport.

Whether your looking for Gatwick airport parking, Heathrow airport parking or Manchester airport hotel parking don’t book with the first site you see, take your time and visit a few websites and judge for yourself the authority of site you are looking at, whichever option you choose have a safe journey and a great holiday.

Holiday car rental Tips

Holiday Car Hire Tips

Driving whilst on holiday is a convenient way to explore the local destination and discover new things.  You can reach those hard to get places which aren’t always possible with local transport and you can travel at a time and pace those suits you.  However there are a few things to remember and consider before hiring a car on holiday.  These few considerations could help prevent you from unnecessary expense and disappointment.  Remember to bear these in mind before you next book car hire online

Read the small print

It is imperative to read the small print before booking.  You may find yourself paying additional costs on arrival that you weren’t expecting.   Check for things like additional drivers, fuel and mileage policies and driving extras.  It could be that some suppliers will charge you extra on arrival if you wish to add an additional driver to your rental.  Also some suppliers charge you for a tank of fuel and tell you to return the car empty which may seem unfair if you don’t use the full tank.  Last but not least driving extra’s such as child seating will normally be paid for on arrival.  If you want to save money, choose a supplier with a different fuel policy and if possible take any driving extras with you.

Don’t be late

Returning your car late could leave you paying for an extra day’s rental.  This charge will normally occur on your credit card statement weeks after you have returned home.  Therefore ensure the supplier is well aware of the time you returned the car and get a copy of any receipts that display this time.  A good point to remember is to ask the supplier what time they close their desks.  It could be that they don’t open Sundays, they close early on specific days or don’t open on national holidays.  It is always good to make sure they are open when you are due to return your car.

Are you covered?

Don’t presume that your insurance policy covers you for every incident.  In fact many policies do not cover you for car theft, damage done to the underside and wheels of the vehicle, negligent driving and driving off road.  It might be well worth spending that little extra to ensure you are covered for all eventualities, especially if you are driving in a location with poorly maintained roads.

Know the Laws

Doesn’t matter where you are from or what you do, you are never outside of the law.  Speed limits, road legislations and driving practices vary from country to country.  Therefore do some research on the location you intend to drive.  Make a note of the speed limits; the national speed limit in some countries can sometimes change depending on the weather conditions.  Also if you are travelling with children make sure they are fitted with correct seating and don’t let them sit in the front.  Most countries do not allow children to ride in the front seat and if stopped you could face a hefty on the spot fine.

Overall choose your car supplier carefully and read the small print.  Always return your car on time and check if your insurance covers you for driving abroad.  Lastly enjoy your holiday and drive carefully.

For further reading about driving abroad you can find various driving guides to help you drive safely.

Order Travel Trailers Online

Travel trailers: A unique Experience

There are various types of travel trailers available. Two of the most popular travel trailers are the recreational vehicles and the motor-homes.

The recreation vehicles are travel trailers that are increasingly being used by families while going out on trips. Whether it is a small trip like a picnic to the nearby town or a long vacation, families prefer to go on their travel trailers. This is because they can easily save on money by travelling on and staying in their travel trailers!

The motor-homes are also becoming popular by the day. A more modern form of caravans, motor-homes is preferred by the more free-spirited gentry, those who are incurably romantic at heart!

Vacation Apartments For rent

Booking Vacation Apartments Online

If you ask your grand parents how they used to book apartments, you will get the obvious answer that they asked their acquaintances for reference. Word of mouth reference was the only way for people to find apartments. Thanks to the new age technology that in present day you don’t need to depend on others’ words in order to find a good apartment. You can just go online and find the best apartment, anywhere in the world.

With the advent of Internet life has become easier. You are now just a click away from your dream apartment. Whether you want to book a holiday apartment or a general apartment, you can search it online.

There are various websites where you can search for apartments. It is very simple. Just type the town and select the place where you wish to buy or rent vacation apartment. Once you get the result go through each apartment detail to see which one is meeting your requirements and then book your dream apartment.

While you search for an apartment you should consider a few things. One of the major things that you need to consider is your budget. Apartments are listed according to their budget. Luxury apartments are more costly than 3 star apartments. Try to stick to your budget to avoid unnecessary expenditure.

Various apartments are listed in a single site. You will get information about the apartments and at the same time you will find their photos. The photos may appear to be very impressive. But you should take your decision depending on what you see in the photographs. More importance should be given to what is written about the apartment. It is even better if you can go through some testimonials.

Also check the families and amenities that you can expect in the apartment. Don’t forget to check the location. If it is a holiday apartment it should be located in the outskirt of the city where you can spend a peaceful holiday. On the other hand if you are going to rent it in order to stay there for quite a long time, it should be easily accessible from the heart of the city.

Considering all these aspects will help you to find the best deal.

Interesting Ideas For Cheap Holiday Breaks

Interesting Ideas For Cheap Holiday Breaks

The holiday breaks should be intended in such way so that your family may not forget the vacations. A vacation is significant because it reduce the stress of day to day life. Every family should try out the voyage to discovery for fascinating holiday breaks to be remembered.

Some travel companies are offering a special type of package called as ancestry packages for the holiday breaks. This package normally, includes lavish travel arrangements to visit the ancestral locations connected with your family roots and the historical guide to explain the details of your family history on the trip. It is highly interesting for most of the families because they experience and discover things about their family background and roots. You could also enjoy the special tours, guide walks and other types of activities for the families to participate during the holiday breaks.

If you are interested in nature then get back in touch and make your way to famous falls with your family on one of the family breaks. Ride down the nature trials in order to catch the glimpse of kingfishers, deers and other wildlife. You could visit such places in any seasons so pack your children into car and experience the exciting and luxury weekend breaks this year. You could take time to see the famous historical landmarks on your holiday breaks. It includes number of different collections which includes historical figures too.

Always make sure to check out the events which are occurring and taking place around your area. You could also find that attending a nearby place and including it on your family agenda would give you great experience for holiday breaks and keep your whole family entertained.