Renting London Apartments

Common facilities available with the Serviced Apartments in London

Service apartments are cost effective shelters in London. Everybody cannot afford expensive luxury hotels. But there is nothing to be depressed; London serviced apartments offer world class facilities to their boarders.

Before choosing short term rental apartments, make sure that the basic facilities are available there. Here is a list that helps you judge the quality of a serviced apartment.

1. Daily apartment cleaning: There must be house cleaning service to help you keep the living room, kitchen and bath clean. Most serviced apartments offer cleaning service as a part of the accommodation package.

2. Modern kitchen: Since you will be preparing your own meal, the kitchen must be equipped with all modern facilities. Microwave oven, heater, utensils, knife, crusher and exhaust system must be there.

3. Iron board: You will be staying there for a short period; it’s not a ’2 days 1 night’ stay. If you do not avail laundry service, you will need to clean your garments yourself. Make sure the apartment has iron and iron board.

4. Washing machine and Cable TV: These are some basic requirements. Life without Cable TV is similar to living in an island without any external connection. And washing machine is another essential thing we need.

5. Car parking: There must be paid or free car parking facility. Otherwise you will have a tough time to find a safe and secured shelter for your car.

6. Telephone: Though we are living in the ‘cell phone age’, a dot phone is still essential. Make sure the apartment owner provides direct telephone line to your room. You may need to pay for calls that you make from this phone separately.

7. Airport pickup: If you are new to the city, airport pick up would really be a great assistance. Enquire if the service apartment provider has airport collection facilities, paid or free.

8. Welcome kit: A reputed self catering apartment service provider would help their clients with a welcome grocery pack. That is very essential. It might be difficult for you to go to the market and buy vegetables and grocery for the first meal. The welcome kit generally contains all that you need to prepare a meal in right quantity on per head basis.

Book online apartments in London with this list of facilities ready in your hand. Make sure your apartment offers all of these basic facilities.