Living It Up In London Holidays

Everyone knows that the capital of England and the United Kingdom is London, so it’s only natural that people are constantly interested in visiting the bustling city each year. London is considered a world cultural capital, as many people from different cultural backgrounds and ways of life make their home there.


It’s just a fact—if you’re going to London, you’re going to end up spending a lot of money. You’ll mainly be spending money on airfare, hotel accommodations, dining and checking out London’s lavish attractions and recreational activities. In London, there’s no shortage of lavish settings to check out. Those settings, in particular, typically start with hotel accommodations.

When you have a larger budget while visiting London, you can practically check out any part of the city’s rich amenities. As an example, you can head to the Open Air Theater at Regent’s Park to check out a performance or two. There’s also the possibility of touring any of the museums in the area, likethe National Gallery and the Tate Museum.

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London is home to plenty of luxury level hotels. Staying in a luxury hotel encompasses a different experience apart from a typical low star hotel, since you can indulge in various types of luxurious amenities and rooms.

The Milestone London’s Kensington Palace is an example of an award-winning five-star luxury hotel. It’s most famous for its historical Victorian look, hosting rooms with various types of styles. The Milestone hosts an Afternoon Tea at the Park Lounge. You can also visit their health spa in the hotel’s barracks. Other luxurious hotels you can check out include The Town Hall Hotel & Apartments in East London’s Bethnal Greenand The Gore.

Holidays at a Luxury Hotels in London

Don’t forget about the bevy of restaurants and bars located throughout the city. Since there’s practically an endless selection of places to choose, you can go to any place you want. Many people typically head to celebrity-chef branded restaurants to experience their signature dishes. You can also visit a traditional English or Irish pub for drinks and a tease of their menus filled with comfort food.

London, being as big as it is, is a great place to plan a vacation. Unfortunately, for those on a budget, it can be very expensive to plan a vacation there. However, if you’ve been saving up for the occasion or possess a very affluent background, London is a great vacation destination if you want to get a taste of the high life.

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