Uk theme Parks

UK Theme Parks

The UK is home to some of the best theme parks in the world and whatever region you visit there is a park close by to delight all the family. From the vast theme parks with daring rides to smaller venues with exciting attractions, the UK has something for everyone.

Ask anyone to name a UK theme park and the likelihood is that the first location they mention will be Alton Towers. Situated in Staffordshire, this had good road links via Britain`s main artery the M1 as well as the M6 and there are good local rail links too.

Alton Towers is all about the rides with some of the most exciting roller coasters in the World. The focal point here is undoubtedly `Oblivion` with its breathtaking vertical drops. Don`t miss Submission and Enterprise either.

Sometimes Alton Towers makes so much of these signature rides that it`s easy to forget that the whole family can enjoy it here with smaller and gentler attractions for younger children and the original ruined house is worth a visit too.

Thorpe Park is very similar in style to Alton Towers and is more popular with those in the southern area of the UK due to its Surrey location.
Thrilling rides at Thorpe Park include SAW, Nemesis Inferno and Stealth but once again there is something for everyone here.

Closely situated to Thorpe Park lies Chessington World of Adventures and once again this park has a whole host of rides from gentle attractions for toddlers to thrilling roller coasters for older children and adults.

Chessington also has the added bonus of its world famous zoo which is now complimented by a Sea Life Centre. Both are stocked with rare and exciting species from all over the world.

No guide to UK theme parks would be complete without a mention for Legoland Windsor. A staggering figure of over 53 million Lego bricks have been used to construct certain attractions in the park and as Lego has been around for so many years now, these complex and fascinating structures will delight people of all ages.
Legoland also has more than its fair share of exciting rides and one of its newer attractions is proving very popular with visitors. Atlantis – Submarine Voyage is a thrilling underwater journey of discovery.

In Wales and Scotland you can also find Theme Parks to excite a whole host of visitors. Oakwood Theme Park in Pembrokeshire has rides to match many parks all over the UK. Megafobia, The Bounce and Vertigo are just three that the park is particularly proud of.

In Scotland, Strathclyde`s M&D`s provides more thrill and excitement while younger children may prefer the gentler rides offered by those at Loudon Castle.
Aside from those mentioned, the UK is home to many other exciting theme parks, each offering something a little different. From Adventure Island in Southend, Fantasy Island in Skegness, the Pleasure Beach at Blackpool and Paultons Park in Hampshire, the list is almost endless.

Rides are added to frequently and there are many ways to catch up with the news and read latest UK Park reviews from all of these exciting theme parks. Whichever park you choose, the UK is home to some of the world`s best and fun is guaranteed.