Isle of wight holidays

Isle of Wight Holidays

The Isle of Wight is a diamond shape place and once popularly knows as The Garden Isle which is noted for its magnificent scenery, beaches and warm climate which always gives you the cozy feelings in you. The place becomes famous from the Victorian period of time when Queen Victoria made Osborne House after the death of her husband Prince Albert. Nowadays many people come here every year and visit and enjoy the beautiful holidays in the isle of wight. You could find every kind of the facilities you want.

Here are some beautiful and interesting places in this island which you should explore:

East Cowes

East Cowes: This place is actually separated from the town of Cowes by the river of Medina and one of the major industrial areas on the island. Another significant reason behind the popularity of the place is the house of Queen Victoria which is not far from this place. There are many other places to visit in which includes Norris Castle and Barton Manor. If you are lucky enough to visit the place of East Cowes then don’t forget to visit the beautiful St. Mildred’s Church.

Town of Ryde: Ryde is one of the biggest towns of the island. The main attraction of this place is the beautiful golden beach and the shallow coastal waters. Moreover at the time of Tide the water extended out and lives the beautiful beach for beach games and many other popular activities.

Isle of Wight Zoo: It is another most fascinating place to visit for children as well as for the grown ups. This zoo is famous for the wide varieties of tigers and also cares for large group of wild animals from lions, leopards and jaguars to lemurs, monkeys, snakes, spiders, lizards and many more.

Dinosaur Isle geological museum: This museum is located at the east of the island and was design by the Rainey Petrie Johns in shape of big Pterosaurs. The museum mainly consists of many geological specimens mainly the fossils of the dinosaurs. This also shows the rich geological history of the island dating back from the early Pleistocene age.