Holiday car rental Tips

Holiday Car Hire Tips

Driving whilst on holiday is a convenient way to explore the local destination and discover new things.  You can reach those hard to get places which aren’t always possible with local transport and you can travel at a time and pace those suits you.  However there are a few things to remember and consider before hiring a car on holiday.  These few considerations could help prevent you from unnecessary expense and disappointment.  Remember to bear these in mind before you next book car hire online

Read the small print

It is imperative to read the small print before booking.  You may find yourself paying additional costs on arrival that you weren’t expecting.   Check for things like additional drivers, fuel and mileage policies and driving extras.  It could be that some suppliers will charge you extra on arrival if you wish to add an additional driver to your rental.  Also some suppliers charge you for a tank of fuel and tell you to return the car empty which may seem unfair if you don’t use the full tank.  Last but not least driving extra’s such as child seating will normally be paid for on arrival.  If you want to save money, choose a supplier with a different fuel policy and if possible take any driving extras with you.

Don’t be late

Returning your car late could leave you paying for an extra day’s rental.  This charge will normally occur on your credit card statement weeks after you have returned home.  Therefore ensure the supplier is well aware of the time you returned the car and get a copy of any receipts that display this time.  A good point to remember is to ask the supplier what time they close their desks.  It could be that they don’t open Sundays, they close early on specific days or don’t open on national holidays.  It is always good to make sure they are open when you are due to return your car.

Are you covered?

Don’t presume that your insurance policy covers you for every incident.  In fact many policies do not cover you for car theft, damage done to the underside and wheels of the vehicle, negligent driving and driving off road.  It might be well worth spending that little extra to ensure you are covered for all eventualities, especially if you are driving in a location with poorly maintained roads.

Know the Laws

Doesn’t matter where you are from or what you do, you are never outside of the law.  Speed limits, road legislations and driving practices vary from country to country.  Therefore do some research on the location you intend to drive.  Make a note of the speed limits; the national speed limit in some countries can sometimes change depending on the weather conditions.  Also if you are travelling with children make sure they are fitted with correct seating and don’t let them sit in the front.  Most countries do not allow children to ride in the front seat and if stopped you could face a hefty on the spot fine.

Overall choose your car supplier carefully and read the small print.  Always return your car on time and check if your insurance covers you for driving abroad.  Lastly enjoy your holiday and drive carefully.

For further reading about driving abroad you can find various driving guides to help you drive safely.