Holidays in New England

Top Tourist Attractions In New England

When people think about choice tourist attractions, they immediately think about the West Coast, where many of the world’s most well-known attractions reside. The United States doesn’t only host choice tourist attractions on the West Coast, though—there’s plenty to explore on the East Coast too.

The East Coast is home to a number of tourist attractions, the most concentrated located within the confines of New England. New England itself is both rural and city-friendly, the home to a wide variety of people spanning rural and city-bound lives. This unique blend of people, places and even ‘things’ makes New England a choice tourist attraction.

Where exactly can a tourist go if they want to visit New England?

Some of the most well-known cities in the region include Boston (MA), Hartford and New Haven (CT) and Providence (RI). Thanks to that, there’s an incredible abundance of attractions located there—though we’d run out of space if we listed them all! Instead, here’s four:

Fuller Gardens: North Hampton, New Hampshire. A more subtle location than the next few attractions, this beautiful ocean-bound garden features an incredible selection of flora. Come see their their expansive rose bushes and perennial flora borders. Some people might find their choice locale, such as their Japanese garden and accompanying Koi pond, an extra treat to check out on their visit.

McCoy Stadium: Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Home to the Minor League Baseball team, the Pawtucket Red Sox. This historic baseball stadium is a choice location for families and sports enthusiasts to make their New England vacation stop special. Much like other stadiums, the McCoy Stadium places it own spin on tried and true stadium bound events, such as post-game fireworks shows and the games themselves.

Roger Williams Park Zoo: Providence, Rhode Island. A prime choice for families, we couldn’t resist mentioning this choice location. Around 1,000 different animals make their home here—spanning an impressive 150 species! Families and individuals can come here and enjoy the presence of many animals, in addition to the many gardens and participate in several water-related activities like taking a ride on their paddle boats.

Ben & Jerry’s: Waterbury, Vermont. Located a little further up north, the famous Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory lets people across the country take a more intimate look at the production of their famous ice cream flavors. After having a look around the factory and having choice samples in the FlavoRoom, why not head to their infamous Flavor Graveyard to mourn your favorite discontinued flavor?