Best Places to Vacation In Indonesia

From One Island to Another in Indonesia

Indonesia is a large nation that consists of over 17,500 islands. Out of all of those many islands, a small percentage of them are uninhabited. However, because there are so many islands that are empty, many people love to go to explore them. Island hopping in Indonesia is something that people like to do because they want to see as many of the islands as they can.  Out of the many islands that are around Indonesia, you may be wondering which are the best ones to visit.   Here are the best islands to visit in Indonesia.

Indonesian Borneo: This island is the one people go to when they want to check out what a rainforest looks like. However, keep in mind that this island is sitting directly on the Equator, which means that it is very hot. If you want to explore the forests, be sure you bring plenty of water and bug repellent.

Bali:  There is no island more famous than Bali. The home to many beaches like Kuta, Jimbaran and Nuda Dua, Bali is considered to be one of the best places to surf. However, while you are visiting the beaches by day, when the sun goes down, Bali turns into a vibrant night spot with places to drink and dance.

Lombok Island: Lombok Island tries to keep life as simple as possible. The only indication of tourism on this small island is the hotels that are on it. The most famous thing about Lombok Island is the many beaches that are on it. If you love to surf or snorkel, than Lombok is the place to go to explore the coral reef and the tranquility of life on this tiny island.

Vacations in Lombok Indonesia

Bunaken Island:  Bunaken Island is the closest to a touristy island as you can get.  There is a marine park on the island, and there are also many resorts that are on the east coast section of it. The village does offer tourists a chance to shop, and there is also a volcano that people like to explore.

Indonesia is the home of over 17, 500 islands. People love to go to Indonesia to do a little island hopping because the islands are so close that they are a short plane ride or a short ferry ride away.  Some islands are completely uninhabited, but others have small populations on them that offer places for tourists to shop. Many of the islands are the home to coral reefs, volcanoes, rain-forests, and other natural wonders that make island hopping both exciting and adventurous.