Relaxing Beach Holiday Places - Mauritius

Most Relaxing Beaches in Mauritius

One lazy day surfing idly around the internet about one year ago, you stumbled upon the pictures of a sublime paradise the like of which you had never seen before.  The name of this under the radar destination: Mauritius.

Minutes turned into hours … you were transfixed with this idyllic island located in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Madagascar, your obsession only heightened by the sub-zero chill outside, nipping at your drafty windows. Twelve months and a lot of diligent saving later, you are finally ready to take off on the tropical escape of a lifetime.  All that remains now is to figure out what beaches to play, explore and recline upon.

To aid you in this important bit of last-minute planning, we offer up our top three picks for relaxing beaches in Mauritius, a tough task, considering the sheer quantity of outstanding candidates on this amazing isle. Regardless of your budget or travel style, there are plenty of websites such as Travelbag which will help you plan your well deserved vacation.  Check them out below and enjoy…

1) Ile aux Cerfs

A tiny cay just off the Eastern shore of Mauritius, the beach here lies along a sandy estuary that splits the island in half.  In between periods of lying in the sun and drinking in the tropical surrounds, letting the lazy river carry you from one end of the beach to the other is a fun way to cool yourself off, while those inclined to do something a little more active can enjoy some of the best snorkeling to be had in Mauritius.  Additionally, many of the catamarans that take you to this blissful place will also serve you meals and show you some stunning waterfalls en route.

2) Blue Bay

Virtually deserted during the week (it’s a different story on the weekends, when the locals enjoy their days off at this very popular public beach), Blue Bay is an excellent way to connect with the authentic side of Mauritius.  Those that fear going snorkeling or SCUBA diving because of fears of sharks, jellyfish, etc will love the glass-bottomed boat tours that are offered here, as they give a look into the world beneath the waves without having to get wet, colorful reef fish and all.

3) Tamarin Beach

You’ll find Tamarin Beach to the  western side of Mauritius which is exposed to the windward side of the Indian Ocean, offers big waves and choppier seas, but this doesn’t have to be a negative.  This scares away the masses, wanting flat water that they can wander into without getting pummeled by swells.  What it secures though, is an empty beach that looks the part of paradise in every other regard, with blessed quiet and seclusion, as well as having the added bonus of being able to watch handsome surfer dudes rip up the swells, many of which are quite skilled at their craft!

Mauritius, long forgotten in a world obsessed with the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and South East Asia, is just beginning to get noticed by travel industry in recent years.  Get in a trip before the cover of this island is blown by travel insiders, and you will find that rare bit of relaxing tropical paradise that is increasingly rare in the world these days.