Best Brewery Tours

Brewery Tours That Every Beer Fan Should Take In Their Lifetime

Of all the alcoholic drinks in the world, beer has one of the oldest lineages, dating back to the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia. Ever since, this cheap and easy to brew beverage has been enjoyed by generations of people looking to relax and unwind after enduring the hectic aspects of our daily lives.

Out of all the beers to emerge in recent times, there are three that stand out in various regions of the world, not only for their refreshing and unique taste, but their willingness to allow the general public into the heart of their operation to see how their well-loved brew is made.  In this article, we will divulge the specifics of three incredible brewery tours that should be added to any beer lover’s itinerary when traveling through the regions noted below…

1) Guinness, Dublin, Ireland – One of the most famous beer brands in the history to the Western World, the Guinness brewery tour at St. James Gate should be on the bucket list of any person that considers themselves to be a beer fan.  In this journey through the process of creating one of the most vaunted ales in the world, the technical aspects of its creation are mixed with more contemporary attractions, such as one of the world’s largest pint glasses, which stands at the center of the facility, spanning all seven floors of the St. James Gate compound.  At the end of the tour, you will receive instruction on how to pour the perfect pint, and get to savour it as part of your gate admission.  An iconic bar and restaurant round out the attractions here, serving up some of the best food and views in Dublin.

2) Tiger Beer, Singapore – Winning awards from all around the world for its crisp, clean lager, Tiger beer offers tours of its modern, state of the art facility in the city state of Singapore. Not just telling you how their beer is made, you get to feel and smell what some of the finest ingredients are like, just by lifting the panels of the Ingredient Display Kiosk.  After your very informative tour, tap your own beer in the packaging department, and enjoy a meal in the tastefully furnished Tiger Tavern!

3) Alexander Keith’s, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada – One of the more distinctive beer brands to come out of Canada, the Alexander Keith Brewery has put out some very fine India Pale Ale over the past 200+ years, and has one of the most popular brewery tours in North America as a result of this.  Playing up the historical aspect of the brewery, seeing how it is situated in Halifax’s historic properties, actors in period dress conduct the tours with convincing realism, effectively taking you back two centuries into the past.  As you are certainly hoping for at the end, a taphouse is at the ready to supply you with free samples of Nova Scotia’s finest export.

Enjoying a cold one at the end of a long day is a valued tradition for many, but knowing where it comes from and how it is made is of invaluable interest.  With these tours, any beer lover will come away with a renewed appreciation for their favorite alcoholic beverage.