Turkey Best Beaches for vacation

Best Places For A Relaxing Beach Holiday In Turkey

Sitting at the east end of the Mediterranean Sea, Turkey marks the boundary between Europe and Asia.  Being such an important cultural crossroads, this nation is an intensely powerful experience for the newcomer, with many religious, architectural and ways of life to take in and absorb.

One thing that is also intense in Turkey during the high season is the heat.  After tramping around the claustrophobic alleyways of this ageless land for a few days, you will be daydreaming about the ideal beach with powdery soft sand and water that is cool enough to refresh, but comfortable enough to play around in for a while.

Wonderful news: Turkey has a plentiful amount of these getaways, so you are not far away from a break from the summer heat.  Let’s discuss the best places in Turkey for a relaxing beach holiday…

1) Patara – Having the longest beach in the Mediterranean is this quiet beach area’s main draw, with 20 kilometres of endless wild beach that gets pounded with amazing surf. Simple ruins can be found along the backside of the beach, as does a complex and intricate dune system. Accommodations in the nearby town are low-key and cheap, and there is transport available to get you to the sandy shores of Patara. Shade is limited, so be sure to take advantage of the umbrellas and loungers for rent, and in case you forget to bring your own drinks and snacks, there is a small café at one end. If you’re wondering if you can stay at the beach, sorry: the government of Turkey has made this area into a national park due to the presence of sea turtles, which has strictly limited development, and has necessitated the banning of water sports and overnight camping.

2) Oludeniz – This beach is a popular place for package vacationers and families, but people from every demographic make their way here for some summer fun in the sun. The water here is an effervescent turquoise blue, and is backed by towering mountains and a peacefully calm lagoon.  Unlike Patara, there is well-developed tourist infrastructure that caters to your every need, and if you want to get out and do things that involve more than just lying on the beach, paragliding, booze cruises, snorkeling, and horse riding tours in the surrounding mountains are available for a break from the beach.

3) Olympos – This is a popular backpacker hangout, located a short distance from the super popular resort of Antalya.  It feels much farther away than that though, as it is a secluded village, offering only guesthouse style accommodation. DJ’s and reggae driven nightlife are the focus here after dark, and when the collective hangovers of the previous night have worn off, popular daytime activities include kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking and white-water rafting.

Olympos, Antalya, Turkey

Before passing from the lazy lifestyle and Roman ruins of Southern Europe into the mysterious Middle East, the beaches of Turkey are an excellent way to recharge your traveler batteries.  With picture perfect Mediterranean waters and a full list of activities day and night, you’ll have infinite options of how to spend your days of relaxation here.