Best Places To Learn To Surf

Best Places in the World to Learn How to Surf

Many believe that surfing is not a sport, that it is more of an art form and perhaps even a “state of mind.” The major issue with surfing is that the number of surfing locations is limited. When you are learning how to surf, location is a big deal. Taking on the bragging rights of learning how to surf on some of the most dangerous waters is one that many want to deal with. With that being said, where are the best places in the world to learn surfing?

One of the best places to surf as an expert or a beginner is on the waters of Oahu, Hawaii. Many believe this is where surfing was invented. With the weather conditions that are present all year round – warm water, great weather, and gorgeous golden beaches – it is literally every surfer’s dream. The swells are perfect for learning how to surf as, for the most part, they are just large enough to get some good height and last long enough to surf on in to the beach.

For somewhere that is more accessible and closer to home, Miami, Florida could be the right place to learn how to surf. Surfing is not seen as a must in Miami and surfers of any skill level are not criticized for not being able to handle the swells. Miami is home to many surfing schools where they take you out into the open waters and teach the basics of surfing. Once you have learned the basics, intermediate courses are available to take your surfing to the next level.

Another area that is considered to be one of the best places in the world to learn surfing is one that is not well-known even though it is called “surfer’s heaven.” Florianopolis is a small island off the coast of Brazil and has been nicknamed Floripa for short. This area features world class surfing beaches and because it is an unfamiliar territory to most surfers, it is usually never crowded allowing you plenty of room to do your thing with Mother Nature’s fury. Many residents see the island as a haven as this is where the mainlanders go to relax and party. Because this area is hardly ever crowded with surfing fanatics, it makes for a great place to learn how to surf without the hassle of working around more seasoned surfers.

These are just a few of the best places in the world to learn surfing. When looking for the perfect area to learn how to surf, research surfing communities around the world. It would be best to look for areas that are not crowded so you don’t get overrun by seasoned surfers.