Cheap Travel tips

Traveling In Style While On A Tight Budget

Traveling in first class and being able to afford all the luxuries that the celebrities enjoy are things that are out of reach for most people. However, this does not mean that you cannot actually travel in true style while on a tight budget. You can afford a fishing charter, travel to the exotic locations, scuba diving in Waikiki, a stay in first class homes and so much more. All that you need is just patience and knowing how to look for wonderful travel opportunities. Here are some tips that will help you to achieve just that.

Saving Money On Flights

You can spend a lot of money on the first class ticket or you could simply book cheaper flights so that you could afford much more when you reach your final destination. Budget airlines are actually great. Try to book as in advance as possible in order to maximize savings. Try to be flexible with things like transfers, dates and times so that you could save even more.


Splurging At The Hotel

You need to think about the holiday type you will be on so that you understand how important the hotel you stay at is. When you spend a lot of time staying and relaxing in a hotel, you want to splurge. Apartments are great instead of hotels in this case. However, if most of your time will be spent outside of the hotel room, you only really need a bed and a place to leave you luggage. In this case you can choose the cheap hotels so you can have more for the activities you will be a part of.

Dining Options

The best thing in most cases is basically both splurging and saving. A combination will create a wonderful experience. See what budget you have for the meals and then enjoy creativity. If you want to, 70% of the entire meals budget could be spend on just one extravagant meal. The rest would be spent on cooking by yourself or similar experiences like eating as the locals do.

Splurging On The Activities

There are always some great activities that are cheap or free. Enjoying them automatically means that you have more money available in order to spend on the activities that are more expensive. An example of something free and great is the free city tour that is normally available in all the large cities from around the world. Save cash and splurge on the really wonderful activities that you could enjoy. For instance, go to the Blue Lagoon when you visit Iceland.


Transfers and transport in general are expensive if you do not handle the situation properly. Think about saving whenever you can so that you could enjoy something more special. Transportation is normally not a great splurging opportunity anyway. Try to take the taxi only when it is needed or when you want to avoid the crowded busses. Planning transportation in advance is a very good idea that you will want to take into account at all times.