Best Swimming Pools for holidays

Most Interesting Swimming Pools in the World

When the weather starts to turn warm, the first thing that people do is head for a swimming pool.  Typically, the city you live in has pools that are maintained by the parks and recreation department. However, the pools that are available in your town are small, but they do serve the purpose of keeping everyone nice and cool. There are many pools that are famous around the world for their size and how they are set up. If you are interested in swimming in another pool, then here is more information on the top 5 swimming pools in the world.

Shaw House, Vancouver: The pool in the Shaw House is unique because it is located on the roof. In some rooms of the Shaw House, the pool serves as the ceiling and also acts like a sky light in others.

Ubud Hanging Gardens Resort, Bali: This resort is in the town of Ubud, in the centre of Bali. It is located on the top of a high cliff; the pool is right on the very edge of this cliff, but it also looks like anyone swimming in it will simply fall off of it. However, the pool in Bali is perfectly safe even though it does look rather dangerous because of the cliff.

Nemo 33, Belgium: Belgium is the home of the deepest pool in the whole world. This pool is so deep that is often used to teach people how to scuba diving. The Nemo 33 is 115 feet deep.

Joule Hotel, Dallas, Texas:  Once the home of the Dallas National Bank, the building was bought and transformed into a hotel.  To make the Joule Hotel unique, the building owner had the idea to take the balcony and turn it into a pool. The pool is a giant glass box that sticks out of the edge of the building and gives the view of both Dallas and the ground below.

Swimming pools are popular, especially when the temperature starts to rise and people are looking for ways to cool off other than turning on their air conditioners. Though you do have a pool, or many pools, in the town you live in, they may just be plain, ordinary, and very boring to swim in. There are some amazing swimming pools around the world including a pool that is the deepest in the world, and a pool that serves as a ceiling in a house.  Swimming pools make summer easier to handle, and there are a lot of pools that are the most unique in the world.