Best Wildlife watching tours in the world

Best Wildlife Tours Outside Africa

Some people love to take a trip to Africa so they can get to experience not only a different country, but the chance to see a lot of wild animals. Many people take a trip to Africa every year to see animals, but Africa is not the only place where animals can be seen. There are many places all over the world you can go to that will be filled with animals that you have never seen before or are typical in the area you live in.   Here is more information on the best wildlife tours outside Africa.

The Arctic: The Arctic is home to polar bears, and many people are in love with these fluffy white animals. Polar bears are in danger of becoming extinct, and many laws have changed to protect this species. There are many vacations available that involve the observing of these white furred giants.

India: India is the home to the tiger. Because India is the place where there are the most tigers in the world, there a lot of reserves where the big cats live. To protect the tiger, there are special tiger watching vacations available so you can see this rare species safely for both you and the tigers.

Norway:  Norway is famous for its vacations that involve whale watching. There are special vacations that will follow the whale from Norway to Newfoundland to Iceland. There are many species of whales that you can see include humpbacks and orcas. Be sure you bring a camera so you can capture one of these gentle giants as they leap in the air.

Antarctica: The great continent of Antarctica is one of the coldest places on earth. On this cold continent, you can see whales and penguins in their natural habitats. If you are interested in going to this cool land of ice, you can book a special trip.

Everyone automatically thinks of Africa when they think of place to go to see animals. However, Africa is not the only place where wildlife is available to watch and photograph. There are places like Antarctica, India, Norway, and many more that feature wild animals in their natural habitat that are worth checking out for that once in a lifetime vacation.