Holidays In Scotland - Whisky Distilleries

Whiskey Distilleries To Visit In Scotland

You always enjoy a scotch after a hectic day, its characteristic bite being the precursor to the calmness that follows.  The best ones go down smoothly, which is why you are a huge fan of many fine Scottish whiskies.

Now that vacation time has arrived, you have figured that it is high time that you paid this windswept, starkly beautiful country a long overdue visit.  Now, all you need is a guide to the best whiskey tours that Scotland has to offer.  Fortunately for you, we have put together such a road map for your perusal below.  How convenient!

1) Talisker Distillery, Carbost, Skye Province – Situated on the shores of a sea loch, Talisker Distillery is an ideal first stop on your meanderings down the Scottish Whiskey trail.  The saltwater on which the distillery sits is partially used in the fermentation process, giving many of their whiskies a slightly salty character.  Talisker has many well-aged spirits on the premises, with many 34 year old varieties just waiting to be sampled.

2) Laphroaig Distillery, Port Ellen, Isle of Islay – Laphroaig distillery sits on a small island off the coast of Western Scotland, so you’d think that would effectively limit any competition, right?  Wrong!  As whiskey making proved to be incredibly popular here, seven other robust competitors have opened up shop here and have survived.  To hang in with their contemporaries amid such a cutthroat business environment, it has driven Laphroaig to become one of the best scotch creators in the entire country.  Their success over the years has only been further validated by Prince Charles himself, who has made two trips to the island personally to drink the whiskey in its home environment.

3) Bladnoch Distillery, Wigtown, Bladnoch Province – Want to not only sample some fine whiskey, but learn how to make some yourself when you arrive home?  Then the Bladnoch Distillery in the far south of Scotland is where you should head on your vacation!  These classes tend to be very popular, so be sure to book in advance before you arrive.  Over the three days that the course takes place, you will learn how to mill the barley, then brew, ferment, and distill the ingredients that will be shown and explained to you at the school.  At present, the course cost about $450 USD, so save up those nickels, whiskey aficionados!

Scotland is dotted with countless distilleries located between breathtaking mountains and on moody moors.  If you are looking for some good places to start your whiskey journey though, the above list should get you started on your way to scotch-fuelled bliss!