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Things to do in Ottawa for Canada Day

Every country has their own day in which they celebrate their independence.  In the United States, the fourth of July is their special day of fireworks and fun, but in the beautiful land of Canada, it is the first of July.  The name of the Canadian independence day is called Canada Day, and as a proud citizen of a country you love to live in, you can celebrate this historical occasion in many different ways. Here is more information on things to do in Ottawa for Canada Day.

A perfect summer day for a parade:  Every year Ottawa has a Canada Day parade, if you want to catch it this year than go to Gatineau Park for the best seat in the house.  Be sure you arrive early to get the perfect spot so you can be close to the action and the fun.  Be sure you bring a chair, an umbrella to block out the sun, and plenty of nice cold drinks for a toast to Canada’s independence.

A trip to a farmer’s market:  Many people love going to a market in the summertime.  Because the weather is so nice, different areas may have an outdoor place for you to buy fruits, vegetables, and other summertime treats.  On Canadian Independence Day, Ottawa has Byward Market that offers many items that make it a real treat to go on the first of July.  You can get some veggies, syrup, or just go to see what they have to eat and drink.

Fireworks for this special occasion:  What Independence Day is complete without a good old fashioned fireworks display?  You have spent the day enjoying the city of Ottawa, and now it is time to end a great day in a perfect way.  There is a park called Jacques-Cartier, and every year on the first of July, it is the host to an incredible fireworks display.  You can watch these bursts of color being shot across the Ottawa River, and it will be a night you will never forget.

On Canada Day, every citizen of this beautiful country does special things to celebrate the independence of Canada. If you just happen to be in Ottawa, there are many great ways you can spend this day such as a trip to a farmer’s market, being front and center for a parade in Gatineau Park, or see an incredible fireworks display in Jacques-Cartier Park.  However, not matter what you do in Ottawa on July first; you will have a great time in an amazing city.

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