Holidays In Chile - What to do

Things To do In Santiago, Chile

Looking for something different on your holiday this year, you’ve settled on taking a trip to the longest nation in the world, Chile.  Extending down the western coast of South America for 4,300 kilometres, it spans climatic zones from tropical to subarctic.  The possibilities are endless, but for now, you are focused on your initial destination, the capital city of Santiago.

Overshadowed by the towering spine of the Andes Mountain range, Santiago sits in a stunningly beautiful landscape.  It also has had a fascinating past of conquest, settlement, and triumph in the twenty-first century, making it an excellent place to start your trip.  So what exactly is there to do in Santiago?  We have detailed a number of excellent suggestions below, so grab a Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon and be prepared to take some notes!

1) Get A Postcard Picture Of Santiago Against The Andes Mountains – Want to get an awe-inspiring picture of the Chilean capital?  Then head to Parque Metropolitano and ride a funicular to the top of Cerro San Cristobal.  Gasp in awe of the mountains that you will get a chance to visit in a few short days, and stretch your arms out and take a deep breath of air to help shake off the jet lag that you may be suffering from!

2) Experience Santiago’s Outdoor Life At Plaza Des Armas – Take Santiago’s metro to Plaza Des Armas station, and see this cities’ vibrant street life.  This public square is filled with chess whizs matching wits against each other, tango dancers putting on a show, and the art of Santiago’s finest painters on display and for sale.  Recently, this area has also become a popular area for Peruvian immigrants to settle, so check out the shops for some excellent foods and handicrafts from this nation as well.

3) Take In A Jazz Performance – Santiago has a happening jazz scene, so take in the Chilean twist of the eclectic genre of music at one of many amazing clubs throughout the city.  In particular, we suggest you see a performance at Club De Jazz, open since 1943, making it one of the oldest jazz venues in the world.  Bet you didn’t know that!

4) Watch a Football (Soccer Game) – Like many of its South American neighbors, Chile takes its fut-boll seriously, so getting out to a match or even watching talented teenagers play in the neighborhood is highly recommended, should you have the chance.  Crowds are very lively and boisterous, so you are likely to have an experience that will impart indelible memories upon your subconscious…!

Santiago sets the table for the unbelievable adventure that awaits you in beautiful Chile.  With deep culture, an active sporting scene, and unmatched vistas, it will thrill you and fill your first few days in this dynamic country full of nonstop excitement!