Cultural holidays mexico

Three Essential Centers of Culture in Mexico

Like many in North America this week, you are dreaming of spending at least part of this winter in warmer climes like Mexico, which is totally understandable given the snow that has been falling in the Rocky Mountains recently.

Unlike those that are simply content to spend their holiday sipping … Read more

Holidays in Thailand - Floating Lantern Festival

Floating Lantern Festival Thailand

During the month of November, there is a festival in Northern Thailand called the Thai lantern festival. Its name, Yi Peng, translates into Floating Lights Festival, and literally thousands of people gather each year to release their lanterns in Unison and watch them float in to the night sky. These … Read more

Holidays In Japan - Visit Castles

The Castles And Temples Of Kyoto

Kyoto was once the imperial capital of Japan and the largest city. It was also the most culturally enriched and economically advanced city in the country. It was not until modern times when Kyoto lost its towering significance to Tokyo and Osaka. But the heritage of Kyoto is still unparalleled … Read more