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5 Special Holiday Destinations in Africa

Africa is known for many things including diamonds, chocolate, and animals that you can see in their natural environment. Have you ever thought of going to Africa?  Some people dream of visiting this vast land for its beautiful terrain, amazing animals, and a culture that is rich and special.  Who wouldn’t love to be in a SUV exploring this unforgettable place?  If you are interesting in taking that once in a life time trip to Africa, there are some special places you really need to check out.  Here is more information on 5 special holiday destinations in Africa.

Kenya:  Are you a real animal lover and you want to go to Africa to see as much wildlife that you can pack into a set of eyeballs?  Do you want to see a lion before you leave this amazing continent? Kenya is home of the big five, which means the lion, a buffalo, a big grey rhino, a spotted leopard, and of course a big elephant.  A trip to Kenya means you will definitely get to see the animals you have always dreamed of.

Zimbabwe: There are many reasons to go to Zimbabwe, but perhaps the most famous thing to see here is the Victoria Falls.   Though Victoria Falls are bigger than Niagara Falls in the United States, they are very impressive.  Imagine being witness to the awesome power of Mother Nature as you watch the water cascade down into all that swirling mist?  A trip to Victoria Falls will be unforgettable as you see the beautiful water and the rainbow created by the mist.

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Egypt:  The land of sun and sand awaits to take you back in time.  Egypt is the home of the famous Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, and the River Nile.  You can take a cruise down the Nile and see some of the famous structures that are still perched along the river.  You will never forget seeing three of the oldest structures in the world.

Cape Town:  Located at the bottom tip of South Africa, Cape Town is perhaps one of its most famous cities. If you want to somewhere that is beautiful to explore with its sparkling beaches and welcoming atmosphere to anyone and everyone, then Cape Town is the African destination for you.

Uganda, Rwanda:  If you really are an animal lover, and have always had an interest in gorillas, then seeing the beautiful mountain gorillas in their natural habitat will be something you will never forget.  With the mountain gorilla being nearly wiped out, you will be getting a very rare opportunity to see these amazing animals.

Africa is waiting to show you some of the most beautiful terrain you will ever see.  Whether it is the Victoria Falls, the pyramids of Giza, or gorilla in the wild, there is something for everyone in this amazing place.  Your trip to Africa will be a memory you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

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