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Your list of beautiful cities of the world would remain incomplete if you do not count Paris. The city at the bank of Seine is the capital of France and well known for its years old history of art and culture, entertainment, monuments and museums, bridges and cuisine.

A series of bridges embraces the river Seine. View of Paris from the bridges of Seine River is a lifetime experience! Many visit Paris to watch sunrise and sunset from the bridges on Seine only.

Monuments and museums attract a great number of visitors every year. The Historical Axis is the line along which all the monuments and museums are located starting from the center of the city towards west. Louvre, the world famous museum in Paris preserves Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo. Musee Picasso and Musee Rodin preserve the works of Pablo Picasso and Rodin. Eiffel Tower, the symbol of Paris, are some of the must visit spots in Paris.

Apart from the statues, museums and monuments, France is well known for Opera, Theatre, Bals-concerts and cuisines and Paris is the heart of all art, culture and entertainment. Lots of hotels in Paris look forward to accommodate visitors every year. Cheap and luxurious hotels with restaurants and café are spread all over the city. Spring and fall are the best times to visit Paris.

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From The Day I Started Dreaming About Paris Visits

The time has arrived to check the calendar page once again for festival and holidays countdowns. I was just murmuring myself with a deep thought, what could be the great tourist spot this year for me? Incidentally on an email from my friend Steve working in Paris, I collected few fantastic snaps of that place. Some of the best pics I came across were from Disney Land resorts, Musée des Arts Decoratifs, Paris Cabarets, Euro Star , Louvre Museum Pass, Hot Air Ballooning in Loire Valley castles and few more. On demand he too shared his journey schedule in detail, gimmick of every site he visited, experience of night cruise with dinner, and stays in luxurious city hotels everything. The explanations were so lively that I was completely hypnotized with the thought of imaging myself beckoning river seine from the balcony of a nice hotel in Paris.

No more dreams! I simply loved the city and its belongings at the very first sight and firmly decide to hit down the soil of Paris this Christmas only. Once get finalized with my family members, I am planning to collect more resources about online hotel reservation agencies, contact details of trip advisors, and other itineraries. With some fundamental research from various local travel organizers’ websites and government sites I came to know about historically rich tradition of Paris.

Archaeological statutes like monuments, museums, landmarks; then theatre and opera houses for entertainments, arts performance and also education and international business centre are the major attractions to count. Not even that, the way environmentally sustainable metropolis and its suburbs in Paris are integrating skyscrapers, urban planning, and iconic architectural projects, we should be proud to be a part of this world presenting such wonderful city.

Hence careful planning for the necessary arrangements is my next task to perform successfully for which anything but a complete and interactive guide book is really needed. And I want to prepare it myself to comprehend every nook of the city tour before I land there physically. With a tour schedule in mind thereafter soon, I listed down the favorite places to touch. These are Egyptian obelisk the oldest monument, Montparnasse famous for artists’ studios, music halls, and café life; Avenue des Champs-Élysées, the high fashion districts; Napoleonic Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower the panoramic monuments, Tuileries and Luxembourg two oldest and famous gardens etc. Came to know from Steve about, French cuisines and culinary are vey reputed and historical in Paris. Also acknowledged about two hotels, Hotel Ritz at Place Vendome and Hotel de Crillon at place de la Concorde. I must include these fashionable and most luxurious hotels of late nineteenth century to my travel kit. With out entering to Paris’ museums and monuments the highest-esteemed attractions of Paris, my tour will not be complete, so noted the name of city’s most prized museum, the Louvre; city famous cathedral, Notre Dame de Paris, the Basilique du Sacré-Coeur and their route maps.

The very next essential steps are to choose the best among popular Paris hotels suitable to my budget and expectation, then review the people’s comments about the vicinity and facility, enquiry for the discounts and special promotions, complete online reservations. Comfortable transportation is another factor for which I am trying to speak to a trust worthy tour planner from the city referred by my friend, who can guide me on airport shuttles, European Railway Passes, Open Bus tours, travel insurance and travel accessories. Another interesting venue is barge cruises in France. Burgundy, Canal du Midi, the Loire Valley, Provence are known for this. Anyway I can’t miss the opportunity of much waited journey like this.


With a slow but steady and careful planning I must be able to finish every nitty gritty well before the Christmas. I am keeping Steve updated on my progress. With my finger crossed, hope I would succeed to convert my dream of “Tour De Paris” into reality this year.

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Booking Hotels In Paris – A Unique Service & Style

Paris is the capital and largest city of France. It has many historical centers, museums, monuments and claim to be the most beautiful and popular city of the world. So, hotels in Paris are continuously endeavor to provide best hospitality to the growing inflow of tourists.

Some hotels in Paris provide the better entertainment avenues, living options and recreation facilities. There are wide varieties of hotels in Paris. Some of these hotels are star rated and could offers you with three/four/five star rated living accommodations, suites and studios. The rates of some hotels vary according to their size and rating of their living quarter.

Apart from the general information you must take advice of other potential tourists in order to choose any particular hotel in Paris.

Most of the tourist make enquires for airport shuttles, sight seeing and travel options offered by different hotels. In order to choose the proper hotel people sometimes reads guidelines and travel plans. These help them a lot to compare and find out the best offers. Some people ask their friends, relatives or other person who have made the similar trips.

Paris is the ultimate holiday destination for most of us and hotel owners sometimes offer discount rates when they find a slow period. This is a great advantage for the tourist to make reservations at lower rate.

Hotels in Paris are monitored by the standard regulatory body which ensures standard traffic and taxes. Most of the hotels which are star rated their taxes and charges tends to be high.

Before picking a hotel in Paris it is advisable to know whether the staff in the hotels speaks English or not. Different Paris hotels offers different payment plans and has their own guidelines regarding the acceptance of checks and credit cards.