Holidays in Bangkok - Night Markets

Discover the Best Night Markets in Bangkok

Bangkok is an incredible city for shopping enthusiasts, and there is no shortage of markets and shopping malls open during the day for travelers to browse. Although you might be ...
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Christmas and new year celebration in Turkey

Christmas and New Year Holidays in Turkey

The holidays come only once a year.  You have spent many Christmas holidays at home, but this year you probably are in the mood to go somewhere else, different. Have ...
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Best Venice Restaurants

Romantic Restaurants In Venice For Valentine’s Day

One of the most romantic restaurants in Venice has to the be The Caravella. The dining room only seats 75 people tops, so the atmosphere is relatively quiet and intimate ...
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Holidays in Germany Octoberfest

5 Fun Festivals In Europe

There are several festivals that happen around the year all across Europe. Some are dedicated music festivals while others are classified as seasonal festivals such as the ones in spring, ...
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Christmas Holidays on Cruise

Why Not Take a Cruise for Christmas?

The holiday season will be here before you know it.  What do you want to do this Christmas season?  If you have never taken a trip before than this may ...
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Holidays Canada Day Parade

Things to do in Ottawa for Canada Day

Every country has their own day in which they celebrate their independence.  In the United States, the fourth of July is their special day of fireworks and fun, but in ...
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Ski Vacation for Couples

Special Ski Holidays For Couples

Numerous companies organize special ski holidays for couples. Not all would be ideal for you and there is some serious amount of thoughts that must go into determining if you ...
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Vacation on Fiji Island

Reasons to Consider Fiji for a Christmas Holiday

Fiji is one of the most wonderful places to celebrate Christmas in the entire world, hands down. Fiji has a great mix of people of all ethnic backgrounds and from ...
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Texas Holiday Break

Beaches for Spring Break in Texas

Spring Break in Texas is an amazing adventure. Some of the best beaches and fun in the sun is in this southern state. Many people start planning way ahead of ...
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Getting ready for holidays

Tips to Making Every Holiday Special

The calendar is full of holidays that span the entire year. Though there are some months that have no popular holidays, and then some that have more than one, you ...
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60th Birthday Holiday Ideas

60th Birthday Holiday Ideas

You only turn sixty years old once in your life, so who not make it a momentous occasion? You have reached an important milestone and you need to make sure ...
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Where To Go for Winter Holidays Europe

Ideas for Winter Holidays in Europe

Winter means that the snow and ice are about to hit and the greenery of the world turns brown as it goes to sleep for the long winter.  Some people ...
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Fun Family holiday activities

Special Holidays Around the World Worth Visiting

Some people have a list of specific destinations they want to visit during their lifetime.  There are many places in this world that must be visited because they are extraordinary.  ...
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Couple vacations Caribbeans

Special Caribbean Holidays for Couples

You and your significant other have finally gotten some time off and you want to spend it together. Since you both are having your vacation together, you both need to ...
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Holidays In Africa

5 Special Holiday Destinations in Africa

Africa is known for many things including diamonds, chocolate, and animals that you can see in their natural environment. Have you ever thought of going to Africa? Some people dream ...
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