July 15, 2017

Why You Should Take a Luxury Vacation in The Caribbean

It has become cliché; so many people work themselves to the bone and get impeccably tired, dreaming of themselves relaxing by the beach with a cool drink in hand. The truth is, this can happen –and it isn’t that impossible to save up for a luxury vacation in the Caribbean. Rates vary depending on what time of the year you go, so there really is no excuse for not giving yourself that much-needed break. The question remains – why pick the Caribbean? Cruises, All-Inclusive Deals, and Proximity Compared to other Asian beach destinations, luxury vacations in Caribbean are the closest and best bet you’ll get to a getaway with such pristine shores and perfect tropical weather. Depending on where you […]
February 25, 2017

Explore the Most Beautiful Continent in the World

For some people, adventure runs in their blood. They love visiting new places, and doing novel and exciting activities in the countries they travel to. So, the next question is, what’s the best place to explore for people who love learning more about the world around them? While other continents have their own specialties and uniqueness about them, in its own way, you’ve got to admit that Europe is the most beautiful continent in the world. Rich History and Culture Both western and eastern Europe have histories and cultures that have made many contributions to mankind. Whether it comes to architecture, art, food, music, or literature, Europe is chock full of it. All you need to do is pick which […]
October 18, 2016

The Best Destinations to Visit on 2017

We’ve seen and heard about all the trendiest places to visit in 2016. Bali? Check! Tokyo? Done! Let’s move on over to 2017 for the freshest and newest places to visit and experience. Got your visas and passports ready? Let’s go! For The Food: Seoul, South Korea We have a very good reason to go to Seoul (aside from its beautiful scenery, great shopping and fashion choices, boy bands/girl groups and friendly people) and it’s their food. Their street food is out of this world, and you’d be missing out not to try all of them. The first thing you should try is Bibimbap, a dish that’s got rice, meat, vegetables (you usually have to mix it all up to […]
October 17, 2016

A Step-By-Step Guide to Plan Your Dream Trip

If you love to travel, perhaps there are places on your bucketlist that you can’t wait to tick off. Perhaps it’s your ideal vacation is a getaway in a remote island in Asia, exploring the deserts of Marrakech, or snuggling in a classic cabin in the woods up in the snowy alps of Switzerland – whatever it is and wherever you want to go, here are the right steps to make in planning your dream trip. Visualize and Compromise The first step in planning your dream trip is to do just that – dream! Every person’s idea of an amzing getaway is different, so take a moment to think about what would excite (or relax) you. You might want to go […]
October 4, 2016

Time for Tea in London

Among the traditions that are quintessentially English, is certainly afternoon tea. The custom of afternoon tea dates to the mid-1800’s when a peckish duchess named Anna began to sneak a snack before the formal evening meal. Anna only invited a few friends to join her each day for this covert cuppa, but soon enough, all the ladies were indulging in an afternoon treat. When Queen Victoria embraced the custom, the once clandestine occasion became an all-out affair with receptions and teatimes that included over a hundred guests. Women no longer have to sip their tea from a boudoir or private drawing room, often champagne is included on the menu, and men are sometimes invited along. However, taking afternoon tea is […]